Denim Manufacturer Melbourne
Denim Manufacturer Melbourne
Denim Manufacturers Melbourne
Denim Jeans Manufacturer
• Est. 1997 •

JJ Australia is a Melbourne based company that specialises in denim clothing manufacturing. The company was established in 1997 and in its 20 years has produced denim-wear for both boutique labels and some of the largest clothing brands in Australia.

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Denim Jeans Manufacturer

Denim Clothing Manufacturing

We have the capacity to produce both small and large quantities of production line orders in denim clothing. This includes anything from a basic pair of jeans to modern takes on vests and jackets.

Sample Creation

If you or your company have quality or time concerns, we welcome the opportunity to produce samples for you before you decide whether you want to create your own personal denim production line.

Custom Orders

If you require anything made that doesn’t necessarily fit into your typical denim clothing mould, we are happy to help. We have created everything from pillowcases to aprons, so get in touch!

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We are happy to answer any questions you might have!

  • Factory 5
  • 1 Bell St, Preston
  • Melbourne, Victoria 3072