Denim Manufacturer Melbourne

JJ Australia FAQs

Here are some answers to FAQs about JJ Australia

Email us at [email protected] if you have more questions and we'll do our best to answer.

  • What can we make?

    Our specialty is denim clothing – jeans, jackets, skirts etc. But we have the capacity to make just about anything denim.

  • What other services do we provide?

    We can complete the whole manufacturing process up until it’s ready-to-wear. This includes washing, pressing, embroidery and even packaging.

  • What price?

    Our prices will vary depending on your needs. Individual samples cost more to manufacture than bulk production orders and then there’s everything in between. Other things such as embroidery or packaging will also need to be factored in. Please call or email us if you’d like to find out more regarding prices.

  • Do you need to provide all the materials?

    In JJ Australia’s 20 years of manufacturing, we have built a network of contacts that we can source just about any material needed – from rolls of denim to buttons and rivets. Technically, all you would have to provide is the design – we can even get a pattern drawn up for you!

  • How quickly can we fulfil your order?

    Turnover varies depending on quantity and what other orders are currently in production. Obviously this is something that changes all the time. Samples can be completed in a couple of days, but if there’s a large order in production that turnover time would be a little longer. Please don’t hesitate to call or email us to discuss this further.